Best 15 Freelancing Websites You Must Know

Is it possible to work as a freelancer?

If you want to be your own boss, have your own title, and work in a range of businesses that share your area of expertise, freelancing is the best option for you!

Working from home is the norm for most freelancers; some are genuinely freelancers employed by an organization, which is another option.

It’s not uncommon for freelancers at any stage of their careers to hunt for clients on websites for new freelancers in order to generate some leads.

To be successful as a freelancer, you’ll need excellent time management abilities, interpersonal skills, and a strong sense of ambition.

There is no one to step in for freelancers if they decide to slack off because they are their own boss and often run their own small business.

The rewards of freelancing are endless if you have the correct personality and work ethic. Being able to assist a large number of other business owners in their quest for success is a rewarding experience.

Remote vs. Freelance: Which is better?

Working from home is not the same as doing this type of employment.

It is common for remote workers to be employed by a corporation, thus they must report to a supervisor or manager every day. In addition, if you require assistance or collaboration, you can turn to your fellow teammates.

Freelance work can pay off if you put in the effort, even if it is less lucrative than traditional employment.

A freelancer is a self-employed expert in their industry who works for oneself. This means they can charge a lot more for their work than someone who works for a salary.

As a freelancer, you have the flexibility to choose your own hourly rate or project fee.

There are a few things to keep an eye out for when searching freelance websites. First and foremost, the majority of freelancing job forums do take a percentage of each sale.

A good example of this is Upwork, which takes 20% of a freelancer’s first $500 in earnings from each client.

That percentage decreases over time as they work together. However, it’s something to keep in mind because you may need to charge slightly higher rates to make the same amount as you would off the platform, if at all.

Some job boards use hand-selected positions, while others have developed their own tools to identify positions that aren’t getting as many applications.

The platform’s distinctive features are usually what set it apart from the competition.

One of the best freelancing platforms for newbies is Upwork (but, they do take a cut)

Most freelance websites also need you to be vetted before you can apply for employment or join the platform. In order to apply to client listings on Upwork, for example, you must first apply to the platform.

In order to ensure that all of the freelancers on the platform have an equal opportunity to succeed, it is important that you not become disheartened if you are not immediately authorized.

Last but not least, some websites might also need you to pay to join them.

This is a case of risk against benefit, so you’ll have to decide if it’s worth it to reach a wider (typically higher-quality) client base by paying a little charge.

Tips For Being Successful When Searching Freelance Websites

Of course, there are also some pointers for being effective when searching for freelance sites for beginners. Be careful to keep them in mind when applying for employment that clients require help with.

Remember that you aren’t an employee. As a freelancer, you are your own business owner who is collaborating with another business owner to help them achieve success. Get rid of the employee/boss relationship notion immediately!
Keep a lookout for red flags. If a job appears way too good to be true, then it probably is.
Charge your worth. I made the error of lowballing myself for a couple of the initial conversations I had with business owners that wanted to use my services only because I wanted to make that sale and start a stream of money. But, the amount of time you lose is totally not worth it.
Let your personality shine.
This can be part of a magnetic pitching technique when trying to attract people to demand your services.
Have a clear notion of what type of business owners you want to collaborate with. This can actually help you to not have awkward talks down the line if you end up working with someone that you had a funny vibe about from the beginning.
Don’t say yes to everyone.
Your ideal client will come up eventually, you don’t need to say yes to every project.
Create a portfolio.
If the type of service you offer may be best displayed in a portfolio, make sure that you have one that you can simply share with potential clients. They adore seeing your work in motion since it can illustrate that you’re an expert at what you do. Better yet, create your own freelancing website that highlights what you provide.
This is more of a general suggestion, but aim to set aside at least 1 hour a day sending proposals and pitching to clients who are interested in your work.

What Are The Best Freelance Websites for Beginners?

It can be tricky trying to find employment as a newbie when freelancing. It’s ideal to start with looking on freelance websites because you may rapidly identify clients in need of the services you offer.

Eventually, you might want to make your own freelance website and have a content marketing plan to get your target clients to find you instead of the other way around.

Here are 15 of the greatest freelance websites for beginners:

1. FlexJobs

While FlexJobs is largely for remote work, they do offer some freelancing possibilities as well if you perform a thorough search. This site presently provides 30,000 various jobs in a variety of industries, from fashion to tourism.

You do have to pay a little sum to view the openings offered on FlexJobs, but that’s because the site strives to deter spammers from applying to positions and also utilizes the money to stop adverts from being broadcast on their site.

Use promo code NOMAD to receive 30 percent off the membership charge.

2. SolidGigs

SolidGigs is one of the top freelancing websites for beginners if you’re seeking for hand-picked assignments.

This means that the platform will locate jobs best suited for the services that you offer and make sure that you know about them so you can apply!

A site like this is great for beginners because it may save you so much time that you can focus elsewhere, such as on your own outreach on other platforms and creating contacts.

To join SolidGigs, all you have to do is submit your email and get on the list – it’s as easy as that.

For reference, SolidGigs now lists positions such as Freelance Guest Blogger, Senior Marketing Designer, and Media Consultant. Be sure to check and see if it’s for a full-time job or if it’s freelance as this site offers a range of both.

3. 99Designs

If you’re a design freelancer, then you have no reason not to be on 99Designs.

This platform allows clients to find your personal profile and hire you. Or, a customer can arrange a competition to see how each employee would handle a project before hiring.

To join, sign up on their website and get designing! It’s as simple as that. Only be sure not to spend all of your time engaging in just the contests.

4. Upwork

Upwork is touted to be one of the greatest freelance platforms for beginners, if not the best, because there are so many tasks on there at any one time no matter your skillset.

Essentially, freelancers use tokens called “connects” to apply to different professions and try their chances at getting recruited by a client.

It’s an excellent site for newbies because it’s near impossible to not obtain at least one client with your first 80 free connects if you utilize them carefully.

There are a number of jobs on the platform, including virtual assistant positions, digital marketers, copywriters, and more. You can also discover freelance photography opportunities on there if you chance to live in the same area as the possible customer!

Read my review of Upwork and learn if it’s right for you.

5. Fiverr

This platform works opposite to Upwork. A freelancer can join and develop their own bespoke packages (typically with the first package starting at $5, hence the name) to attract clients.

So, the site acts as a search engine, and clients may locate someone offering exactly what they want for their price range.

Some sample positions on the site right now include UX designer, brochure creator, and blog writer. However, since you’re the one who creates the posting, you can build it for any of your skillsets. Learn more about how to make money on Fiverr.

6. Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups are sometimes ignored as an excellent area to locate freelance employment for novices. If you know what kind of customer you’d like to work with, then you can relatively readily find jobs on the site.

For example, if you want to work with travel bloggers, then search for Facebook Groups that are made for them. Don’t immediately start posting in the group expressing what you do, but wait till someone asks a question regarding your expertise and make a reply addressing their query.

Sometimes, the individual who posed the query will want to know more and ask you about your services.

In Facebook Groups, you may find lots of blog writing, virtual assistant, and social media manager employment. Be on the watch for jobs that are charging way too little and remember to know your worth.

7. PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour is another one of the top freelancing services for beginners.

Keep in mind that the name of the site is a bit deceptive because there are postings for both fixed price and hourly jobs on the site. Wage great attention as to whether the position you’re applying to is for a fixed price or hourly pay.

There are roughly 5,000 distinct jobs offered at any moment, including vacancies for virtual assistants, translators, graphic designers, and more.

This site is ideal for novices because there are frequently new tasks being offered, so be sure to always check in on the site when you have the time.

8. Dribble

Dribble is a fantastic area for freelancers who are wanting to offer creative skills of any kind. For example, a lot of the positions on our site are for web designers, graphic designers, and branding strategists.

Companies both big and small list what kind of services they’re seeking for on this site.

There is a general job board that offers both freelance and full-time work, but you may pay a nominal price to acquire access to the exclusive freelancer-only board.

9. Behance

Many people don’t realize this, but Behance, Adobe’s portfolio website, actually offers its own job board that is great for newbie freelancers.

Oftentimes, the jobs are advertised by individuals or small business owners who require help with minor, one-off projects. These can be fantastic for getting your foot in the door and having more testimonials to share with future clients.

One essential thing to note is that if you’re going to apply for employment on here, make sure that you have your own Behance profile and portfolio properly updated because that’s what gets sent to the client when you apply.

It’s not a good look if your complete profile is empty or highly outdated!

Similar to Dribble, Behance is targeted towards creative job ads, in industries such as animation, photography, app design, and even fashion design.

10. Freelancer

Freelancer is an excellent website for anyone starting their career in freelancing – in fact, I used it often to apply for jobs myself when I started.

At this very moment, there are 19,000+ distinct job ads on Freelancer, therefore there are many of clients in need of help with services much like yours.

With Freelancer, users may apply to jobs with a “bid” and then clients can choose anybody they feel is the greatest fit for their assignment. Some example positions on the site include proofreader, SEO specialist, and logo designer, and many others.

11. TopTal

TopTal is an elite freelance work board that you have to apply for, and they only accept roughly 3 percent of their applicants.

However, as a new freelancer, don’t let that discourage you because if you have great talents from your prior employment, then you can surely get admitted to this site.

TopTal publishes freelance employment with firms like Airbnb, Zendesk, and Shopify, among others. The site is actively recruiting for freelancers who specialize in design, developing, finance, and project management.

12. Media Bistro

Media Bistro, while it offers full-time and part-time opportunities, also has a special area of its site dedicated only to freelancers.

All users have to do is create their own freelance profile, and they can apply to any of the freelance jobs on the site.

There are tons of remote and in-person freelance employment on the web, ranging from freelance production assistants at NBC Universal to 3D animators. This is an excellent method to start obtaining experience as a new freelancer.

13. Angel List

Angel List is kind of a hidden gem of a website, and it’s one that I’ve routinely utilized to get fresh leads and apply to jobs ever since my freelance career started.

This site is incredibly easy to join, and you can seek for both in-person and remote freelance employment.

The beautiful thing about Angel List is that it only allows job ads from startups, so if you know you want to work with smaller businesses, this site might be a gold mine for you.

14. LinkedIn

Believe it or not, many people post about freelancing positions that need to be filled on LinkedIn all the time.

These are generally on the LinkedIn job board, but you can also make a quick search using the search box on the platform to identify and connect with people who want your skills.

The only negative of LinkedIn is that because there are so many individuals on the site, you’ll most likely be up against quite a few other people when applying to jobs.

That’s why it’s crucial that you apply across a wide variety of platforms and identify what works best for you.

15. Guru

Guru has approximately 2 million separate job posts for freelancers, with a majority of them in programming, translation, and the arts. If those are one of your services, then you will find an excess of potential clients on this site!

It’s relatively simple to join and is fantastic for beginner freelancers because of the huge variety of job ads, plus the fact that there are so many.

Freelancers won’t be up against as much competition as they would be if they were to apply elsewhere.

10 Best Freelance Jobs

If you’re considering beginning a freelance business but don’t know what job to provide, then this part of the essay is for you. Here are some of the top freelancing jobs (and the highest paying) (and the highest paying).

1. Freelance Writing

Do you have a gift for the written word? Well, you can actually be a freelance writer. The beautiful thing about this is that if you have a special niche, you love working with, like fashion or travel, then you can simply discover jobs for that market.

Freelance writing can involve copywriting, social media caption writing, blog writing, and even ghostwriting novels.

2. Translation

Translators are always in high demand. If you are multilingual and can speak a second language well, then you’re in luck when it comes to hunting for freelance work.

3. Teaching English Online

If you love teaching others and speak English, then teaching English online can be a terrific method for you to generate money as a freelancer. There are loads of wonderful resources out there if this is the precise type of career that you’re interested in as well.

Unlike other occupations on this list, be prepared to be vetted to teach English online to make sure you know your thing.

4. Graphic Design

Graphic designers are always in high demand. With design, you’ve either got an eye for it or you don’t! If you’re one of those lucky people who do have an aptitude for design, you can charge quite a bit for your services, especially if you become an expert in your industry. Beginners tend to make roughly $25/hour.

5. Social Media Management

Social media management is one of the most crucial components of digital marketing today, and many small business owners don’t have the time to commit to it. So, needless to say, social media managers are always needed like graphic designers.

If you’ve got an eye for generating entertaining social visuals and you love caption writing and expanding accounts with organic growth tactics, then this can be a terrific freelancing job route for you. Learn more about making money as a social media manager.

6. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants essentially do exactly what it sounds like — they are an assistant to business owners and they work virtually. VAs conduct a range of modest jobs throughout the week.

The beautiful thing about being a virtual assistant is that one day you could be generating visuals while the following day, you can be helping to build an email marketing sequence. Learn more about how to become a virtual assistant.

7. Instructional Designer

E-learning is one of the most up and coming sectors at the present, and for a good reason.

More and more individuals are migrating to online learning, and lots of service-based business owners are even starting to sell their own online courses sharing their knowledge so that they may generate a bit of passive income.

This is an excellent freelancing career to pivot into if you’re a teacher and are seeking for a change.

8. Web Designer

Since this is a digital era, practically every single firm has its own website, and it’s crucial for them to stand out from their competition. Web designers do just that and construct sites on Squarespace, WordPress, and Wix.

9. Branding Expert

Establishing a logo and a strong, unified brand identity is vital when it comes to having a business of any type, whether it has an internet presence at all.

Branding specialists develop logos, mood boards, and truly try to help represent everything that a brand is about in just one single image.

10. Accountant

Accountants are always in reasonably high demand and are frequently the first position to be outsourced by small business owners who don’t have the time to keep up with their business’s financials. If you’re a money person, you’re in luck because there’s always an excess of these employment online.

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