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The numerous outstanding photographers site builders have made the chore of getting your work recognized and your photography business and skills promoted online easier and more affordable than ever.

From this list of the best photography website builders for 2022, we thoroughly evaluated and picked the finest website builders for photographers.

The following are the top seven photography website builders:

  • Squarespace – The greatest overall website builder for photographers.
  • Wix – The greatest photography website builder for inexperienced developers.
  • SmugMug – The greatest website builder for event photographers.
  • Weebly – The most economical website builder for photographers.
  • Duda – One of the most effective photography website builders for businesses.
  • SITE123 – The best photographer website builder in terms of backend support.

At a glance, it is evident that Squarespace is our top option for the best builder for your photography hobby or business. This is owing to a variety of characteristics, including its fantastic templates, both artistic and professional.

The worthy runner-up Wix is our top pick for its ease of use, while SmugMug is the best-specialized website builder for your photography event business.

More information on how we came up with this list
Based on our extensive study, reviews from several expert photographers, and online reviews, we choose the top 5 photography website builders for 2022.

The following are the main elements that we considered when reviewing and ranking the best website builder for photographers and photography services:

  • Simplicity of use
  • Design and adaptability
  • Value for money it provides
  • Customer Service
  • Quality Features
  • Customer feedback and satisfaction

So, to learn more about each of the top website builders on our list, keep reading for a thorough breakdown of their features, simplicity of use, pros and disadvantages, pricing, and more.


Squarespace is the overall best website for photographer-building platforms in 2022, according to our list.

The magnificent, high-quality templates available are the essence of artsiness combined with a professional and high-end look, and are the number one reason for choosing this website-building platform.

Squarespace is a simple platform for constructing a personal, business, or commercial website, as well as a website for any type of photography. With every package, you get a free custom domain, unlimited storage and bandwidth, SSL security, access to templates, and much more.

The limitless storage provided by the website builder for photographers ensures that you may post as many images as you like to your online portfolio and website.

  1. Beautiful and trendy templates suitable for both artists and corporations.
  2. There are numerous in-house plug-ins and apps available for personalizing your website.
  • It is little more expensive than some of the others, but the value for money is exceptional.
  • The website builder is not as simple to use, particularly for novices.

As previously stated, Squarespace provides some of the most elegant and professional-looking but artistic designs for professional photography websites and all other sorts of websites.

The award-winning templates are professionally designed and mobile responsive, allowing clients and visitors to enjoy viewing your images and products on any screen size.

If users of the best website builder for photographers want to enhance or modify the style of their photography website, they can switch to another template at any moment.

Squarespace is one of the most recommended site builders for photographers in 2022, offering a variety of features and tools in-house, so you don’t need to install or utilize third-party plug-ins or apps to personalize and administer your website. The high-quality features offered can be utilized to optimize your photography site through social media integration, blogging, SEO for higher search engine rankings, and more.


Squarespace’s SEO tools and tutorials can assist you in adding alt tags and descriptions to your photographs, engaging visitors through blogs, and more. This will aid with SEO and, ideally, bring more people, traffic, and customers to your photography website.


Squarespace, as one of the best blogging platforms, provides:

  • Blogs and pages are unlimited.
  • Creating several blog categories
  • Including user feedback
  • An option for subscribers to add an RSS feed

The best website builder for photographers also offers options at extremely cheap pricing, beginning at $12 per month with a 25% discount if paid annually for a personal website and $18 per month with a 30% discount if paid annually for business use.

If you want to sell your work or services online, there are basic and sophisticated commerce web shop price plans for $26 and $40 monthly, respectively, with a 13% savings if you pay annually. Students receive a 50% discount on all plans.

Despite the fact that there is no free plan, you can sample any Squarespace for two weeks for free thanks to the two-week free trial offer. You may begin designing your new photography website on Squarespace right now.


Wix is the best website builder for photographers and their personal and business needs. The most user-friendly photography website builder. Wix has 500+ different templates, including several for photography, and you can simply customize your website using the drag-and-drop interface editor, which is simple to use and navigate even for non-technical users and beginners. Wix has reasonable pricing levels and provides its members with helpful features, tools, a plethora of apps, add-ons, and limitless creative flexibility.

  • The Wix site and portfolio builder provides users with unlimited creative power and a massive library of templates.
  • Website modification and editing is made simple with a drag-and-drop interface.
  • Wix will assist you in developing a mobile responsive website that will look good on any screen type and size.
  • Once you’ve chosen a template and have it running on Wix, there’s no way to change it.
  • Because the creative options on Wix are limitless, some users may become disoriented owing to the lack of backend structure.

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On Wix, you may choose from over 500 professionally designed themes, many of which are specifically dedicated to photography.

Wix’s drag-and-drop website builder editor offers for endless website customization options. You can also include elements such as spinning image galleries, slideshows, image lightboxes, and more on your photography website.

It is recommended that you read over all of the Wix templates and styles before selecting one for your photography website because you cannot change templates once you have chosen and configured one.

Wix is the first website builder to provide Artificial Design Intelligence, often known as Wix ADI. The integrated artificial design intelligence will aid in the creation of the best website based on AI and the user’s responses to numerous queries and needs.

Wix includes easy-to-use and important tools, services, and apps in addition to offering consumers with limitless design and style options for their website.

You can use them to connect your website to your social network accounts, establish contact forms, and do other things.

You may find both free and paid Wix apps on the Wix App Market to improve your website, optimize it for search engine ranking, increase traffic, and promote your photos and services, among other things.


You can effortlessly add alt tags to your uploaded photos and images using Wix’s built-in SEO tools for a higher Google search result rating. You may also get assistance from the handy Wix SEO Wiz, which is built into the Wix platform and will help enhance your website’s traffic and be found on Google.


Wix is also one of the best blogging platforms. It includes a Wix Blogging Tool that will walk you through the process.

One disadvantage is the lack of an option for archiving previous blog articles and setting up an RSS feed.


Wix has a variety of subscription pricing plans for websites, businesses, and ecommerce users.

The Combo package for personal use is $14 per month, the Unlimited plan for freelancers and entrepreneurs costs $18 per month, the Pro plan costs $23 per month, and the VIP plan costs $39 per month.

Each Wix plan includes a free name for a year, an SSL certificate, and storage space ranging from 3GB to 35GB.

If you wish to set up an ecommerce site, the monthly rates for the business basic and business VIP plans range from $23 to $49 per month. The ecommerce and corporate pricing plans include larger storage options ranging from 20GB to 50GB.

All Wix users are entitled to a 14-day money-back satisfaction guarantee.

You may begin developing your photography website on Wix right now.


SmugMug is the ideal website builder for photographers who specialize in services or businesses, such as event photographers.

The ability to set up your website, add your photographs or other products and services, as well as your prices, and start selling them instantly, without the need for add-ons or other tools to establish an online store for your images and services, is SmugMug’s main advantage.

  • It has a lot of wonderful features for photographers, such as security protections for all of the work you submit on your website.
  • One of the best website builders where you can immediately begin selling your prints and services.

  • It is more limited than other website building platforms due to its focused portfolio features.
  • When compared to other website builders and hosting services, the Portfolio plan costs $32 per month.

SmugMug has a relatively restricted selection of themes and layouts for your photography website, especially when compared to Wix and our other top best photography website builder selections.

Users will have access to a limited number of 21 different templates with the most expensive price levels.


SmugMug, on the other hand, focuses its themes and features on users showcasing their photographs and work. All photographs in the photographic portfolio are reliably protected by the site builder. However, additional website design tools such as adding maps, contact forms, and other elements to your website are limited.

The editor is simple to use, but the amount of creativity you can put into its design and modification is limited when compared to other photographic website builders.

SmugMug is one of the greatest solutions for photographers in terms of features. This is primarily due to the built-in ability to safeguard your photographs’ copyright and image security through bespoke image credit watermarks, showing a copyright notice if a user right-clicks on an image, password protection, and other features.

SmugMug also provides photographers with the following outstanding features:

  • Unlimited storage for image and video uploads
  • Social network connection with Lightroom
  • Integrated with professional printers for direct printing and print ordering from the site.
  • Uploading images to the website from a phone or other device is simple and quick.
  • Adding photographs and albums from sources such as Apple, Dropbox, and others


With the SmugMug SEO Guide, you can simply boost the visibility and ranking of your photography website on search engines. You can also add alt tags to all of your photographs, add metadata to your website’s pages, generate sitemaps, and enhance your results on Google and other search engines.

Blogging Unfortunately, SmugMug lacks an integrated blogging function or option, which is important to note if you want to rely on blogging for marketing.


The following plans are available from SmugMug: The basic plan is $8 per month, the power plan is $13 per month, the Portfolio plan, which most photographers would likely choose, is $32 per month, and there is a Pro plan for professional photographers that is $50 per month.

All plans are invoiced on an annual basis, however you can cancel at any time.


Our most cost-effective alternative Weebly has the most affordable monthly and annual options, as well as a free plan for basic use.

The website builder is simple to use, but it may limit the originality that some users desire.

Weebly, on the other hand, has one of the most extensive App Stores, with hundreds of in-house and third-party apps that can help you customize your photography website, increase traffic, and assist with marketing, sales, and other functions.

  • One of the most comprehensive app marketplaces available among website builders.
  • An excellent combination of structure and customisation.
  • Weebly was recently acquired by Square, which may result in a shift in the platform’s overall orientation away from its present more creative focus.
  • You cannot restore your website if it goes down and must rely on Weebly tech support to get it back up and running if it goes down.


Weebly’s themes are fewer and simpler than those of some of the other website-building services. At the same time, they are appealing and will lend a professional and stylish sense to your website. You can choose from portfolio themes, personal themes, blog themes, event themes, and business themes.

They are a little basic, which can be a disadvantage for those who are more imaginative. However, their simplicity makes them easier to set up, customize, and work with, which is good news for folks who lack the competence or time to perform complex changes. The platform allows you to post photos while working on the site, saving you time and effort.


You can easily add a wide range of features to your photography website thanks to the massive selection of apps and tools available in the Weebly App Center. You can add apps and tools to assist you in selling or printing digital prints and downloads.

Users should be aware that the platform will automatically optimize images when uploading them, so embedding the color profile when exporting them is recommended to maintain their vibrancy.

Weebly has a strong blogging orientation, which includes the ability to create an easily accessible blog archive, the ability to add comments, the option for social bookmarking, analysis of your blog’s performance, and more.


You can find a variety of useful SEO apps in the Weebly App Center, and you can use Weebly’s extensive SEO Guide to help improve search result rankings and traffic to your website. On Weebly, you can also easily add alt text to your images.

The best SEO tools and apps, on the other hand, are only available to premium plan subscribers.


As previously stated, Weebly is the most affordable and budget-friendly option among all of our recommendations for the best website builders for photographers.

The plans available include a completely free plan, a personal plan for $5 per month when billed annually, and a monthly plan for $9. You can also subscribe to the Professional plan, which costs $12 or $16 per month depending on whether you pay annually or monthly, and the Business plan, which costs $25 or $29 per month, depending on whether you pay annually or monthly.

The Free and Personal plans provide up to 500MB of storage but include advertisements.

With the Professional and Performance plans, you’ll get unlimited storage, a free custom domain for a year, advanced marketing and ecommerce tools, and more. With either of the latter two plans, no advertisements will be displayed.

You can begin creating your photography website on Weebly right now.


Duda is an easy-to-use photography website builder with built-in tools and features, as well as some very stylish and cool template options, including an entire section with artsy and professional portfolio templates.

  • It has some of the best and most professional-looking templates and designs.
  • Users have access to a plethora of apps, widgets, features, and other tools.
  • It has some of the most expensive prices.
  • The templates themselves are not as customizable as those found on other photography website builders.

Duda provides its users with a selection of approximately 100 amazing templates divided into various categories for various needs and website types. The 11 Portfolio templates are the most appropriate for photographers and agencies. Each one is professionally designed and mobile responsive, so your photos will look vibrant and great on any screen, including a phone, tablet, computer, or television.

The site’s development is simple. You simply select a template, add your photos and text, and then adjust the settings as desired. It is simple to use but does not provide much creative freedom.


You can personalize your photography website by adding widgets that enhance the site’s functionality. You can include widgets for downloadable files, contact forms, zoom, and other features.

On Duda, you can also use the built-in photo editor, mobile editor, and free image library.

Duda has a plan specifically designed for agencies and is one of the best site builder platforms for photography agencies.

Although Duda offers a blogging option, it is not as functional or user-friendly as other professional site-building platforms.


Like blogging, Duda provides some SEO assistance for the platforms’ websites, but nothing out of the ordinary and no helpful guidance to help you improve your search engine result rankings.


The main disadvantage of Duda is its poor value for money. The monthly and annual plans for the web builders platform are among the most expensive.

When paid annually, the basic plan costs $14 per month. The Team plan is currently sold with a 25% discount and costs $33 per month when paid annually (regular price is $44). The Agency plan is currently sold with a 25% discount and costs $33 per month when paid annually (regular price is $44).

The platform also provides an Enterprise plan with custom pricing based on your needs. The 14-day free trial allows you to try out the Duda Team plan for free.


It is ideal for photographers and agencies who rely on timely and helpful technical and customer support for their websites.

SITE123 makes it simple and quick to create a website. You can rely on 24/7 live chat support, email support, and an extensive help and support center during the setup process and after that for the maintenance of your photography website.

  • Easy Interface
  • Robust Customer Support
  • A limited amount of creative freedom
  • Once your website is up and running, you cannot switch between templates.
  • Simple, but not as scalable as some of the other alternatives.

SITE123’s templates and styles aren’t particularly flashy, but they are among the simplest to set up and look professional and good.

You cannot switch to another template once your website is up and running, so choose wisely during the planning and setup process.

SITE123 has some excellent built-in design features, such as a gallery and portfolio, social media integration, large image sections, contact forms, and more, that you can add to your photography website.

Although the design and features are appealing, they are not appropriate if you are looking for a long-term scalable solution for expanding your online presence and business.


SITE123 is ideal for blogging because it allows for the quick addition of blog posts, the gathering of insights, the acceptance of visitor comments, the addition of an RSS feed, and other features.


While SITE123 will not harm your website’s search engine ranking positions, it is not as beneficial as other platforms when it comes to improving your SEO.


New users will only have access to two plans: the free plan and the $7.80 per month Premium plan. The Free plan comes with 500MB of storage and 1GB of bandwidth. The Premium plan includes 10GB of storage, 5GB of bandwidth, and a one-year free domain name.

If you sign up for the Premium plan, you will have access to four more plans if you decide to upgrade. Prices range from $12.80 to $34.80 per month when paid annually.

The most expensive plan includes 270GB of storage, so if you want a website with unlimited storage, you should look elsewhere.

You can begin creating your photographer website on SITE123 right now.


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