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For the most part, Skillshare courses are more about getting involved in the community and getting your hands dirty than they are about passively listening to a lecture.

Is Skillshare worth the price? There are a lot of things to consider before signing up for a Skillshare course, and this review will help you understand some of the most important aspects of the platform.

What’s the deal with Skillshare, exactly?

Skillshare is an online learning platform that teaches creative and entrepreneurial skills in the fields of art and design, entrepreneurship, lifestyle, and technology. The majority of classes are taught by ordinary people, rather than experts and industry leaders.

When it comes to Skillshare, there is a lot of emphasis on actually using what you’ve learned. To put what you’ve learned into practice, get feedback from your peers, and build a portfolio, all classes include a project.

Skillshare charges a monthly fee for access. A paid subscription is required to gain unlimited access to all courses, even those that are offered for free on the free plan.

Each Skillshare class typically includes 20-60 minutes of video content that is broken down into a series of 2-5 minute videos. Students who learn best when their classes focus on a single project/concept/skill are those who don’t try to cover everything.

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Short version: Skillshare’s TL;DR in 2021

Pros of Skillshare:

  • a 7-day free trial is available
  • You can look through the finished products of other students’ work for ideas.
  • Films of excellent quality
  • Lots of student organizations to join; ideal for those who value a sense of belonging.
  • Courses that focus on developing both practical and soft skills
  • This version is available without charge (access to select courses with ads)

Skillshare has a few drawbacks:

  • Not a single certificate of completion is given out.
  • Only a few courses are available for free for a limited amount of time
  • Subscriptions may not cover all of the costs of a workshop.
  • The caliber of instruction varies from one instructor to the next.
  • Beginners are best served by this product (not many advanced courses)

What You Can Learn on Skillshare

With 16 main topics, Skillshare’s courses are broken down into three main categories: Create/Build/Thrive.

What does it mean to be creative? It can be anything from animation to creative writing to film and video to fine art.

and web-based applications

Business analytics, freelancing and entrepreneurship, leadership and management, and marketing are all examples of things that can be built.

Thrive is a combination of a healthy lifestyle and increased productivity.

Additionally, there are numerous niche, interesting topics covered under these subjects, such as baking, SEO, acting and more!

How Much is Skillshare?

For the price of a paid account, you can access Skillshare’s library of paid classes on the web and mobile (iOS).

Is Skillshare free or do you have to pay?

“Skillshare Premium” memberships can be purchased annually or monthly. You can save money on Skillshare’s monthly fee by signing up for a year-long subscription:

One-year subscription: $99 upfront (equals $8.25/month): For frequent users of Skillshare, this is the most cost-effective option because you’ll save a lot of money.

Amount billed monthly: $19.00 / month For those who aren’t sure if they want to sign up for the annual plan just yet, this might be the best option.

Companies can also purchase a Team option to provide subscriptions to everyone on their staff. Your employer might be willing to pay for your subscription to Skillshare, so it’s worth asking!

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Platform Skillshare Characteristics

One-stop shop for learning everything from hand lettering and animation to web development and user experience design with over 21,000 classes (Premium Members only)

As a Skillshare user on-the-go, you can download courses to your tablet or smartphone.

If you join, you’ll be eligible for a wide range of discounts on a variety of creative products and services. 20% off an annual Squarespace subscription, 25% off all purchases, and 15% off Adobe Creative Cloud are a few examples. Members of the Annual Premium Plan only

In each class, there is a section called “Community” where students can get help and feedback on real, hands-on projects. You can also leave public notes about specific lessons (or view your classmates’ public notes in each lesson) in order to keep track of what you’ve learned.

Check out what other students are working on to get ideas for your own projects. Seeing what other students create in particular courses can help you decide if the course is right for you.

Learning outcomes are based on student feedback and the majority opinion of students who have reviewed the class. Community-generated learning outcomes: This can give you a more accurate idea about if courses are right for your skill level.

All Skillshare courses have subtitles and transcripts. As a result, you won’t have to rely on your ears to follow along.

Taking part in a workshop is a great way to learn new skills in a group setting with other students. (There may be an additional charge for this service.)


A look at how Skillshare works is provided here.

Click Browse in the upper left-hand corner of the homepage to select a topic of interest to you (either by subject, by all classes, by recommended classes, by student projects, or by groups).

Afterwards, you can either browse by category (for example, Web Development) or use the search bar to find a specific skill you’re interested in learning.

To further narrow your search, you can sort by trending, newest or most popular, as well as add filters like Premium vs. Free and class length (note: there’s no way to search by highest-rated).

Courses on Skillshare for JavaScript

Choosing a course brings up a playlist of lessons similar to what you would see on YouTube once you’ve clicked on it.

Before signing up for the course, you can read student reviews, peruse class discussions, and peruse completed student projects. The course’s description and author bio are also available.

Skillshare’s user interface is straightforward and intuitive, making it a breeze to get around.

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Quality of Skillshare Materials

Is the content on Skillshare up to snuff?

Skillshare’s classes are either produced in-house by expert instructors (called Skillshare Originals) or developed by community users.

With Skillshare Originals, you can rest easy knowing that your instructor has a relevant background and expertise.

The quality of the content provided by members of the community can be more inconsistent. According to Skillshare’s website “There’s no application or approval process, and you don’t need to have teaching experience” in order to create a course. Some teachers, for example, offer personalized feedback on student projects, while other teachers aren’t involved in the community at all.

However, no matter who the teacher is, Skillshare has “Class Quality Guidelines” that courses must adhere to. All courses on Skillshare must meet the following requirements:

In order for classes to be effective, they should include more than just demonstrations and walkthroughs of websites and tools.

The audio should be clear and easy to understand. The video should be steady and high-quality at all times.

Class project must be included.

  • At least 10 minutes in length is required.
  • The videos must include introductions
  • The content must be well-structured
  • Throughout, the visuals should be varied (e.g., slides, images, talking head)
  • Share value
  • Make your points crystal clear.

To avoid any shoddy courses, you can always check out student reviews. How well the course met expectations, what they liked best about it, and other relevant information can be found in Skillshare reviews.

Skillshare reviews from previous students for the year 2022

What do you like best?

It’s impossible to keep track of all the different classes and instructors. To help you put what you’ve learned into practice right away, each course includes video content as well as “actionable items” (typically a project). In addition to a class discussion board where students can ask questions and share ideas, there is also the option to see other students’ projects and get inspiration. As a student, you can create lists of courses that interest you and save them for future reference. You are also able to “follow” different instructors, and see immediately what other courses they offer. There are also suggestions for related courses of interest.”

What do you dislike?

However, the mobile app does not allow you to access the resources. ” You must be on a computer to access these items. Also, on the mobile device you cannot make different lists, but it does appear as though you can create multiple lists of courses through the desktop version. One way to get around this is to open a browser on your mobile device to visit the desktop site, but this is not nearly as convenient as having everything accessible through the app.”

Are you trying to solve any specific problems with the product? What benefits have you realized?

For example, productivity, motivation, and hobbies can all benefit from skillsharing. “Skillsharing” (e.g. watercoloring, music, drawing). I’ve been able to become more efficient with my time, better organize my email, and improve my artistic abilities.”

What do you like best?

“I love how easy it is to find a course of what you’re looking for, and the ease of reading others’ reviews. There are a lot of well-informed instructors who are willing to share their knowledge and get paid for it. Thank you so much for this wonderful platform!”

What do you dislike?

Some instructors may be unqualified, and classes may be of poor quality, but this is rare. Some of the most useful courses I’ve taken have been those with less-than-stellar cover art.

Recommendations to others considering the product:

Using the free two-month trial offered by Skillshare is a great way to get a feel for the service.”

In what ways is the product going to help you accomplish your goals? What benefits have you realized?

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