Is Pinnacle Cart good choice in 2022?

What does PinnacleCart mean?

Developed by a team of web developers with over 20 years of experience, Pinnacle Cart is an online shopping cart.
As a result, our software serves a much broader purpose than simply guiding users through the checkout process.

backend that allows you to do the following:

specialized web design services

In charge of catalogs

Initiate advertising campaigns.

Compile data for site analytics and other purposes.

With its establishment in 2004, Pinnacle has established itself as an industry leader in shopping carts.
Many high-profile clients like Shuremed, QBG Brands, International Health, UFC, NBA, HBO, A&E and Discovery Chanel have all used our e-commerce platform to build unique stores.

PinnacleCart: A Quick Overview

  • Many e-commerce options are available, and the search for the best one might be overwhelming.
  • There are a few features to bear in mind while selecting a shopping cart software:
  • An easy-to-use management panel
  • Templates that are flexible and up-to-date
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Search, photos, and product descriptions are all examples of product features.
  • Integration of social media
  • E-mail advertising software
  • Abandoned cart recovery
  • A wide range of customer service alternatives, including live chat

Easy check-out

Essential functionalities are included in Pinnacle Cart.
But what distinguishes PinnacleCart from the numerous e-commerce platforms already available?
Continue reading to learn more about what this software can do for internet retailers.

In-Depth PinnacleCart Features

Let’s start by taking a deeper look at the add-ons that can be utilized to enhance your store’s functionality.

A Better Way to Manage Your E-Commerce Business

Pinnacle is compatible with a wide range of add-ons, both free and paid.
The following third-party applications are compatible with the platform:


Your sales taxes are always up to date with this cloud-based service.


MailChimp enables newsletter and email marketing for your online store.


In order to track deliveries, generate postage reports and save money on delivery confirmation or to print live postage with integrated mailing?
It’s possible to perform all of these activities on a Pinnacle cart-powered website using Endicia.


Free social analytics and ROI tracking add-on lets you generate reports and share data with a single click.

Keep in mind that there are many other compatible add-ons available for this platform.
With PinnacleCart, the options for enhancing your online store’s functionality are only constrained by your own imagination.

Protecting Your Customers’ Personal Information by securing Your Website

In order to protect the connection between a server and a web browser, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is utilized.
Customers’ confidential information is protected from internet fraudsters by encrypting their communications with your site.
All websites, not just those selling products online, should have this feature.
There is an SSL certificate included in all PinnacleCart stores

Processing of Credit Card Payments

Pinnacle uses FirstData as their preferred payment gateway.
The free Small Biz package from FirstData ensures reduced merchant rates for a period of four months if you decide to add it to your Pinnacle webshop as a payment option.

Numerous Payment Processors to Select From

Pinnacle, on the other hand, supports a wide range of alternative payment processors, including FirstData.
After implementing this e-commerce platform, you’ll be able to take payments via e-wallets as well as credit and debit cards.

Secure Checkout that is PCI-Compliant Boosts Customer Confidence

One of the most critical features of a trustworthy online store is a secure checkout.
As a result, Pinnacle gives you the option of securing either your payment page or your complete checkout process.

Payment Card Industry (PCI) and PA-DSS (Payment Application Data Security Standard) certifications make this a rare shopping cart application.

PA-DSS compliance is a requirement for all credit card processing suppliers.
In order to comply with these requirements, businesses must keep their anti-virus software up to date and restrict access to the credit card information of their customers.

Use Recurring Billing or Bill in Several Languages and Currencies.

With a PinnacleCart store, you have the option of allowing customers to set up recurring billing or supplying numerous languages and currencies.
Subscription-based internet businesses and international product/service sales are now possible thanks to these features.

Take Advantage of Modern Design Templates to Get a Ready-to-Go Website

With Pinnacle cart, creating an online store doesn’t necessitate any prior programming knowledge.
You begin the process of creating a unique storefront by selecting a distinctive website template.

Customize Easily from Dozens of Themes

The Pinnacle web store offers a wide variety of free and premium themes.
It is possible to automatically optimize your site for mobile devices using these W3C, XHTML, and CSS/XHTML tableless layouts.

Using tools like photo galleries, image magnifiers, zooms, and lightboxes, you may design eye-catching stores.
Even if you don’t have access to a web designer, you may make simple modifications to your website by utilizing the “design mode” drag-and-drop tools.

Pinnacle has a content management system (CMS) for developing and updating information pages and SEO characteristics.

Adding a blog is possible.

Your content marketing approach can benefit from blogging.
PinnacleCart has two choices for you to choose from:

PinnacleCart can be added to an existing WordPress site.

Using the admin panel’s “Pages” option, you can apply a PinnacleCart theme and create a blog.

Geeks are capable of making alterations to the source code.

However, HTML and CSS files can be edited in your browser, even if Pinnacle Cart does not include a built-in editor for this purpose.

You Can Have Your Own Individually-Designed Website

They also have their own in-house premium web design team.

The cost of your online store’s design is determined by the scope of your project and the features you’d like to include.
However, Pinnacle’s premium web design plans can cost up to $5200.

Marketing Tools can help you attract new customers.

With PinnacleCart, you have access to a wide range of marketing tools for promoting your online store.

Integration of Social Media

Customers may simply share products or migrate from social browsing to online purchase by putting your business directly on your Facebook profile.
Twitter and Google+ are other good places to promote your products and services.

PinnacleCart Marketing: What Are My Options?

The following are some of the PinnacleCart marketing options you may utilize to reach new and existing customers:

Google Analytics may be easily integrated with a few clicks.

An easy-to-use platform for advertising online.
Incorporation of AdWords

Features to help you expand your email subscriber base.

  • Promo codes
  • Gift certificates
  • Recommended products
  • Recovering an abandoned cart
  • You can design your own url structure if you are familiar with SEO.

Google and other major search engines are able to crawl and index all pages thanks to enhanced SEO features.

Another marketing option provided by Pinnacle Cart is QR (Quick Response) codes.
When a smartphone or QR scanner scans a QR code, a specific action is triggered.
If you have an online store, Pinnacle Cart recommends a few options for linking this to your site:

Postcard-based discounts

Only photos are used in magazine advertisements (the customer gets the detail when they scan the code)

You don’t have to pay anything to play around with QR codes.

Promote Your Products on Amazon, eBay, and Other Well-Known Websites

Using add-ons, you may simply export your products to a variety of online selling platforms, including Amazon, eBay, Google Merchant, Yahoo Shopping, and Shop Zilla.

For example, Pinnacle’s additional marketing tools include the creation of newsletters, the sending of product updates, the launch of Hot Deal discounts, the opportunity to communicate with customers, and the creation of online ads with widgets.

Directly from PinnacleCart, you can get the help of a marketing expert.

Pinnacle Cart’s team can help you with marketing your online store. You can make your website more visible to potential buyers by enhancing your search engine optimization (SEO).

It takes time and effort to run a successful digital marketing strategy, and you’ll need to conduct keyword research.

There are many benefits to outsourcing this task in the beginning.

Keeping track of SKUs and Inventory Management is essential for success.

Pinnacle allows online merchants to build up any form of web shop, whether they want to sell subscription services, digital products, or real commodities.
An email with a “ghost” URL is sent to customers only after they have paid for downloadable products.

You can sort things by price, SKU numbers, manufacturer, categories, or features when dealing with actual goods.
Stock levels can also be managed through the admin panel’s product management tools.
There’s also a feature that allows you to set up alerts to notify you when your stock runs low.

Your Product Catalog Can Be Imported through CSV.

You may quickly import your product catalog from another shopping cart provider into Pinnacle by using a CSV file.
Commas separate the values in a CSV file, often known as a comma-delimited file.
Data tools like Excel will be able to read the file more easily.
To import Microsoft Excel data into PinnacleCart, all you need to do is save the file as a CSV file.

With Doba Integration, you may begin drop-shipping immediately.

PinnacleCart’s Doba integration is free if you don’t wish to keep track of your inventory.
Doba is an e-commerce platform for drop-shipping.
Hundreds of wholesalers’ products are available to you after you register.

No inventory or shipping costs are required.
When a customer orders a product from your website, the supplier takes care of the shipping and delivery.

Involvement and Support

PinnacleCart has a reputation for providing excellent customer service.
Searchable materials and training videos in their Knowledge Base can be found on their official company website.
You can get in touch with a customer service representative by phone, live chat, or email if you have any questions.
After registering up for an e-commerce application, new customers receive regular emails on how to use the various features.

In order to assist you get your store up and running, we’ve created a Quick Start guide that you can access at any time.
This guide appears to be updated frequently by Pinnacle Cart.

Compared to Magento Enterprise, how does PinnacleCart perform?

It’s no secret that Magento Enterprise is a popular e-commerce solution.
Both Magento Enterprise and Pinnacle Cart are PA-DSS compliant, ensuring that your customers’ credit card information is safe.
Customers that abandon their carts will receive emails from Magento Enterprise and Pinnacle Cart.

However, Pinnacle Cart has a number of advantages to Magento Enterprise, such as a free trial and more user-friendly tools.


Is Pinnacle Cart a reliable e-commerce platform to work with?
To be a successful online retailer, you must weigh the advantages and disadvantages of any e-commerce solution you consider implementing.

However, Pinnacle Cart has its advantages and disadvantages.
The following is a rundown of the positives and negatives you can expect.


The Pinnacle customer service team is highly regarded.
The company’s responsiveness and friendliness have been lauded by numerous reviewers.
In order for Pinnacle Cart to be secure, the company must be PCI and PA-DSS certified.

Merchants who use Pinnacle Cart have access to numerous third-party connectors and marketing tools.

Even non-programmers can easily set up a Pinnacle store.
This is due to the software’s easy-to-use setup wizard and intuitive site design editor.


At order to keep track of inventory and sales in your physical business, you’ll need a separate point of sale system.

For the lack of a built-in blog and product comparison tools, the system receives a one-star rating.

Your Pinnacle web store will be limited in its ability to be customized if you do not have an HTML or CSS editor.

With BigCommerce and 3D Cart, Pinnacle doesn’t interface with as many payment gateways or provide as many themes.

In spite of its numerous drawbacks, this e-commerce app is still a solid choice for online entrepreneurs in need of an easy-to-use platform for running their online stores.

Because it supports many languages and currencies, this shopping cart is ideal for enterprises that serve worldwide clients.

FAQ for PinnacleCart (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Is PinnacleCart Requires My Own Website?
  • Do I have to be able to code or program?
  • To accept credit cards in my store, do I need a merchant account?
  • Do I need a merchant account to run my business?
  • Is there a fee for each transaction using PinnacleCart?
  • Are Multiple Languages And Currencies Supported By The Cart?
  • Exactly how many products or categories may you have?
  • Is the Shopping Cart able to keep track of inventory?

PinnacleCart’s plans and pricing

All types and sizes of online stores can choose a plan from Pinnacle that works for them.
In addition to the zero transaction fees, all plans include free Doba integration and free shopping cart migration from your current vendor.
Visit PinnacleCart’s website for the most current and accurate pricing information.

Alternatives to PinnacleCart

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Every day, people on Twitter express their thoughts on various companies.
Using a sentiment analysis system, we keep tabs on tweets regarding PinnacleCart and assign them to one of two categories: positive or negative.
Every review is based on the opinion of a person who has actually used the product.
With the use of this data, we’ve generated an approval rating score for PinnacleCart based on what real people have to say about the service on Twitter.

A review of PinnacleCart on twitter

Our team uses sentiment analysis to categorize PinnacleCart-related tweets as either good or negative.
PinnacleCart’s Twitter approval rating is based on the opinions of real individuals, both favorable and negative, who have shared their thoughts on the product.
PinnacleCart has a 75% customer satisfaction rating.
PinnacleCart has been mentioned in 4 tweets on Twitter.
There are three good mentions and one negative mention in this section.
See if you can learn more about it.

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